Approach & method

Given the combination of pragmatism and radical thinking applyied to projects of different scales AQUILIALBERG ARCHITECTS challenges uniformity and standardization by developing a highly flexible methodological approach of parametric design. The use of up-to-date software and technology enables the construction of a complex geometrical system.

New spatial concepts and forms are developed within an interactive process through a network of different specialists in other disciplines in order to answer complex and demanding everyday client briefs within contempory contexts.

Time, use, circulation, construction, virtual systems and underlying values are studied, visualized, related to each other, and finally joined to create an intricated organizational structure. The result of each project is a tailor-made relationship based on flexibility and interactiveness of different programmes and different users which incorporate the dynamics of daily activities.

We work towards generating an architecture which reflects new and different forms of interaction by housing contemporary social life, which provides positive opportunities and qualities for contemporary society.

Our projects challenges the boundaries between public and private space and explore their relationship and interactions by interweaving different functions.

As we enter the third millennium, new solutions for materials, structures and forms created by digital processed open up visionary opportunities and steer us towards solutions, which enrich the nature of our human relationship.

We develop strategies that formally and programmatically unify complex elements into a coherent whole.