EVITA wall lamp



Wall lamp






Laser cut

metal structure,

opaline methacrylate





As in a sartorial artwork, the metal is wrapped around the luminous body of Evita in a garment stitched together by a single continuous gesture, forming a spiral rotation of 90 degrees. It is characterized by a strong graphic style and a clean and refined image that easily becomes imprinted in one’s memory, as it unwinds in space and traces out curved lines and surfaces, lightness and dynamism.

With its fine lines, Evita clothes the light with its physical elusiveness, delicate elegance and stylistic cogency.

Its name recalls the gracefulness and strength of far-reaching feminine figures such Evita Peron, whose character evoked the imagination of the whole world, inspiring writers, musicians and directors.

Similarly, the feminine image of delicate elegance of the luminous body stimulates the imagination and opens itself to multiple evocative interpretations.

The result of a new poetic and dynamic quality that makes the produce versatile, original and geometrically complex, it diffuses light, thanks to its rotation, according to how it is placed. It is always in harmony with its environment, and generates unique atmospheres in any given space.

Evita is available as both a floor or wall version.