Exhibition Superstudio Milan Italy






Superstudio – Milan




ABS Wine and Spirits






2500 sqm




The international architecture firm AQUILIALBERG ARCHITECTS began its collaboration with Bottiglie Aperte in 2018, designing a dynamic layout inspired by the language of the barrels used for the aging of wine.
Wood is, of course, the guiding material of the whole project which is divided into different thematic areas. At the entrance the visitor is immediately catapulted into the concept and, in a very scenographic way, the set-up is already partially unveiled.
Recalling the curled and curved staves typical of the barrels, in the room baptized Gallery are welcomed the wineries subdivided by regions. Here, then, that repeated linear elements, rotating, characterize the ceiling, simulating the vaguely cylindrical shapes of the barrels. An aerial wooden structure that, with its rhythm and its fluidity, translates into an architectural language the DNA of the cellars, embracing the past of the wine tradition but with a momentum projected towards the future.

In the Day Light room, along its perimeter, the exposure of the wineries divided by regions continues. Here a succession of aerial elements represent the dematerialization of an imaginary barrel which, opening up, takes flight into the room, and then stops and rotates metaphorically on itself, identifying precise thematic areas dedicated to different wine organizations. Along the entire path of the set-up for more than 2500 square meters, public, press and operators can taste hundreds of Italian labels of over 200 companies present, as well as participate in Masterclasses with vertical tastings and in-depth moments.
The dialogue is further enriched in the exchange between full and empty spaces where the drive also emerges to direct Bottiglie Aperte towards a greater respect for environmental sustainability and its will to generate, with the project, a new balanced relationship between the environment and the built, which has a reduced impact but is at the same time characterized by a strong graphic and evocative image.
The project therefore proposes the goal to be inserted at its best, with a structure-installation, in comparison with the suggestive frame of Superstudio location that hosts the event.
The new codes thus translated introduce an architectural language that is declined in all the parts of the installation, involving and proposing experimentation and contemporaneity in an alternating rhythm of full and empty spaces. Focusing on the repetition of elements in undulating movement, the set-up is comparable to a stage set that communicates in several directions in a continuous play of light and shadow.
An elegant and evocative sign that distinguishes the tension at the contemporary of a consolidated event and a leader in its sector.