INNER table






In house



Reinforced polyurethane

high gloss lacquered finishing



100 x 150 x h40 cm




Inner table revolutionizes the concept of side-table, folding and trimming the surface, manipulating and reaching a high level of geometric complexity, but with controlled growth in its space by the strict symmetry of the volume.

The complex figure of Escher was a great source of inspiration in the research study of the continuity amongst extreme surfaces.

As a solution to continuity, the legs drape symmetrically to a central axis, becoming a surface whilst entering the field, developing the volume in its interior, creating a groove that can be used to hold magazines.

This function does not pass into the background as a coincidence, but on the contrary guides the dynamic gesture of the form.

The cuts are inspired by the ‘effe’ violins and provide a further sign of dynamic graph accentuating the rotation embedded in volume.

Through research into the perception of movement applied to everyday life, Inner delivers a new dynamic quality enclosed in a strong conceptual abstraction, where the shape evolves into space in a continuous and balanced development of the area.

Inner table expresses an illusion of a continuous flow of enveloping lines, elevating the form into real movement.