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Hong Kong








(Preliminary design,

definitive design,

site supervision)



200 sqm




PHILIPP PLEIN opens his first show room in Hong Kong – China in the exclusive location of Canton Road.

Located on the 33th floor of the Gateway building the new PHILIPP PLEIN show room designed by the architectural firm AquiliAlberg occupied an area of 200 square meters. Luminous, relaxed, in perfect balance with the exclusive PHILIPP PLEIN fashion collection, every detail is studied in order to create a unique and luxury atmosphere.

Located in a well-known and worldwide appreciated location with its long floor to ceiling glazed windows with astonishing view, the Hong Kong show room is a suggestive approach to the Chinese market, an exclusive way of life, style, luxury, fashion and beauty, all balanced with a PHILIPP PLEIN mix of rebellion and Rock ’n’ Roll..

The new show room receives the customers in an ultra-contemporary and luxurious dimension, out of the ordinary. The concept presents originality and detail richness.

A suggestive impact starts from the entrance where, on one side are shown the latest celebrities campaign posters and on the opposite side, its located the reception area with an impressive custom made sculptural bar, a luxury plus for PHILIPP PLEIN clients.

Surrounded by a multifaceted mirrors walls, the famous skull covered in CRYSTALLIZED-TM- Swarovski elements, recurring presence in the world of PHILIPP PLEIN, dominates the scene, protected in a crystal box.

The pure and minimalistic aesthetic of the PHILIPP PLEIN Home Collection harmoniously blends the exclusive fashion collection designed by the young and talented fashion designer.

The choice of the black shiny Italian marble for the floor, mixed surprisingly with herringbone parquet style in some specific areas, gives the right luxury feeling at the first impression.

A 70’’ touch screen with its luxurious ostrich leather and polished stainless steel frame, guides all the customers through the PHILIPP PLEIN world.

Selling area is clearly separated, physically and aesthetically. To get full advantage of the stunning “belvedere” from the big floor to ceiling curved windows, all the partition walls have been cut at 1.70 m high. All the spaces, designed with a dynamic plan, are all connected visually and the interaction between the different areas became a must.

With the new updated design the two areas, woman and man, are now easy to distinguish.

The woman area is mainly white, with the lacquered displays mixing ostrich leather and mirror stainless steel panels.

The man area plays between white and grey color in order to give a stronger and masculine feeling to the customers. Grey panels with a visible wooden textures are used behind the chrome racks, reinterpreting 17trh century boiseries.

Display elements alternate lacquered wood, chrome and ostrich leather.

6 PHILIPP PLEIN exclusive crystallized Murano chandeliers, each one on top of a displays table scanned the rithm of the different areas, coming down from a shaped recess ceiling with a precious backlighted perimeter.

Grey velvet chairs with working tables and grey velvet arm chairs for the lounge area complete the luxury experience in the PHILIPP PLEIN show room.

A luminous, dynamic and inviting place to enjoy the spectacular world of PHILIPP PLEIN.