SHOWROOM Milan Italy















(Preliminary design,

definitive design,

project management,

site supervision)



Fabrizio Marchesi




PHILIPP PLEIN woman showroom in Milan has been renovated.

Located in the heart of the fashion district, in via Bigli, the new showroom is now updated in order to be the perfect ambience for the presentation of the newest PHILIPP PLEIN collections.

The 1000-square-meter showroom renovation has been designed by the international architectural firm, AQUILIALBERG ARCHITECTS. It’s architectural character is a translation of an exclusive way of life, style, luxury, fashion and beauty, all balanced with a PHILIPP PLEIN mix of rebellion and rock ’n’ roll. A unique and luxurious showroom has been built, presenting a luminous and relaxed atmosphere.

The new showroom welcomes customers to an ultra-contemporary and luxurious dimension, one out of the ordinary. The Milan showroom concept presents originality and detailed richness. A suggestive impact starts directly upon entering the new showroom.

The new sophisticated “silver wave” marble stone reception, 6 m height, and a custom-made, polished stainless steel sculptured reception desk welcome the visitors to the world of PHILIPP PLEIN. All the products shelves have been remodeled adding dark mirrors combined with polished stainless steel material, a sophisticated background to enhance the colourfull products of the new collection.

An impressive “silver wave” marble stone table has been added in the middle of the space, a central place to view the overall collection.

Behind all the woman showroom clothes racks, new dark glasses with polished stainless steel frame around and led lights plays with transparency and reflection and emphasized the characteristic height of the showroom and at the same time give an impressive luxury plus for the atmospheare. New “silver wave” marble stone podiums have been added at the bottom of each racks matching the parquet colour and at the same time the new dark mirror and stainless steel tone.

All the spaces, designed with a dynamic plan, are connected visually, and the interaction between the different areas is a must. With the new, updated design, the two areas, women’s and men’s, are now easy to distinguish.

Six PHILIPP PLEIN-exclusive expositor made out of “silver wave” marble stone with glass top will show new luxury accessories products.

New croco chairs working tables and grey ostrich leather seatings complete the luxury experience of the new PHILIPP PLEIN woman showroom.

A luminous, dynamic and inviting place to enjoy the spectacular world of PHILIPP PLEIN awaits you.