SIGMY side table



Side table






Curved glass

thick clear

and smoked

curved glass



60 x 60 x h 55 cm





Salone del Mobile)

FIAM inaugurates the first collaboration with the AquiliAlberg studio, presenting SIGMY, an innovative side-table with an intense visual impact and strong poetic expression.

Generated by research into the perception of movement applied to everyday life, it evolves in space balancing lines and surfaces, lightness and dynamism.

SIGMY is the result of a new poetic and dynamic quality which gives versatility, originality and geometric complexity to the product.

In response to continuity, and thanks to a rigorous digital control of proportion and bending, the base supported by two horizontal steel extrusions, also becomes a usable surface, enhancing the functionality and convenience of the product.

SIGMY investigates the potential of contamination between the disciplines, an expression of the contemporary mark.

Almost like a logo, its sign, which refers to the letter of the Greek alphabet sigma, connects graphics and design, embracing the lightness of the glass and resulting in an expressive graphic continuous line.

The cross between Euclidean geometry and its assumptions that govern the relationship between points, lines and planes, and the most current three-dimensional modeling, the project delivers a stream of lines that elevate the sign to real movement.

A significant testimony (a trace) of today, an important sign for the contemporary space.

Available in two different heights, it can be used in a variety of situations, making it flexible as a side-table in the living room, next to the bed as a nightstand or as a service table in any room of the house.