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The first collaboration with Ritzenhoff starts with Swan, a collection of tableware with a strong visual impact and strong poetic expression.

What is it that unites the famous ballet of Tchiakovsky with a porcelain collection?

The idea was born after having witnessed a sublime production of Swan Lake at La Scala in Milan in spring 2008.

And it was in that occasion when, struck by the gracefulness and evanescence of the performance, that AquiliAlberg discovered that the Swan Lake is rooted in an old German fairy tale, Der Schleier Geraubte (stolen veil) by Johann Karl August Musäus.

The evocative image explodes recalling the romantic themes that refer to the symbols of water, and the spell of being suspended between two opposite dimensions, nourishing the design of the entire collection.

The performance on the oboe accompanied by string tremolos and arpeggios, the strong emotional charge that characterizes the stage action in the most dramatic moments of the story, represented and characterized by the presence of nocturnal creatures winged and agile, expressed by the famous arm extension to form the sinuous shape of the swans necks; literally come to life in the Swan Collection.

The result is a new sensual quality and dynamic image. The form is constructed in an exchange of continuity between lightness and dynamism. The spiral motion that is obtained by stacking the various objects, generates a continuous wraparound stream that elevates the sign for expressive meandering dynamics.

It expresses a continuous stream of sensual lines that elevate the sign to real movement. Sinuous, often symmetrical but at the same time full of spatial complexity, restoring a new sensual quality and vibrant image rich with poetry, which applies to acts of everyday life.