VERTIGO side table



Side table






Reinforced polyurethane

high gloss

lacquered finishing



90 x 90 x h27 cm




The VERTIGO side table is a result of extensive research which analyzed movement perception. It brings to light a new dynamic quality which is customized in a very strong abstract and conceptual form which evolves in the space as a continuos rotations of surfaces.

Inspired by Escher works, it gives the illusion of a continuous flow of wrapping lines which generate a clear sign. Its expressive and natural movement is symmetrical but at the same time rich in spatial complexity.

VERTIGO provides a sensual image where the form is built up from a continuos exchange of full and emptyness, lightness and dynamism.


Vertigo is the feeling that you or your environment is moving when no movement occurs. Vertigo describes an illusion of movement”.


The cuts, inspired by the ‘F-Holes’ of musical instruments, serve as a further sign of graphic dynamism, but also accentuate the rotation; facilitating the reading of the idea of movement, remaining as a distinctive sign from the early stages of concept through to its realization.